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About Cindi’s Boutique:


We are an Online Retailer and Product Blogger that make recommendations on a wide range of products that covers form women’s fashion to electronics. Our main focus is to offer quality products at affordable prices. Before offering any product our staff spends a great deal of time researching each product and compares its rating with similar products found on the market.

About Me:

My name is Cindi and i am originally from a small town in Mexico. At a vary early stage of my life i became fascinated with fashion and design, i found that fashion was present not only in the clothing industry but also in home decorative industry. After many years i became a fashion consultant and spent most of my time advising women of all ages and sizes on  what to wear and what not to wear depending on their individual cases. Now i plan to bring my expertise to the world wide web and do my recommendations online by providing tips to anyone that needs help. If you have an special event and dont know what to wear, send me a comment below and i will gladly provide you with a few fashion tips that wont break the bank. 

“Cindi Chiu”
 Design & Fashion Consultant


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